Monday, December 11, 2006


It is been long that I have not talked to my diary. I was busy or it was just like I did not want to bother about the rumblings of my life. It is quite stupid of a person to turn an ostrich’s eye about the happenings of his life. I have been married for three years by now and according to my parents it is high time that I should have a baby. I don’t know when is the right time. Yeah everyone says that you should have a baby after you are married. It brings myriad colors in life. May be, I like to see a child grow. It is infact a whole new process on unlearning and yes I would love it definetely. I was once upon a time ferociously ambitious person. Wanted a place for myself in the world.wanted to make a difference. I never quite wanted money and fame but yes wanted to create an identity for myself. Today you can call me successful person by sheer comparison of money I draw every month today which is 4 times mores than that i used to earn 4 years back. Along with my intelligent and adorable husband we have managed to purchase house which is furnished and a four wheeler. Now if that is how you measure success then as a couple we are successful. We have created a niche for our self. Now comes the most important question. What next?? My husband is very clear about what he wants next. He wants to get another degree and lead an easy life with good bank balance. I can’t think about a degree right now since both of us had decided about one of us sacrificing ambition to take care about the house and children.i will call that as hibernation period. Well here we did not have gender issues. We had definitely thought about the baby and I will not mind taking care of my child keeping my job on the backburner. Huh! I feel good to ramble about my life. Or sometimes it is just that you miss the whole picture. You just go on with your life as it comes being very mechanical which I abhor. I believe each day is precious and we should keep on learning continuously. Wisdom is the key. We as human have got immense talent which lies unexplored due to our ignorance. I feel nice about my profession of taking classes for CAT which is an entrance exam to get admission in one of the premier institutes of management. In my profession, I get a chance to inspire students, learn from them. Mostly the youngsters are full of enthusiasm and eager to make a difference in the world and I get to teach them some important lessons of life. It is so difficult to believe that I can take class for at least 3 hours in front of around 300 people comfortably and I am the same person who used to have stage fright. I participated in college fashion show to just get out of my fright for stage. I think I sound narcissist. So I will stop here for time being. Until then, goodbye!