Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another year ahead

The first thing is to get used to writing 2009 while writing dates. Okay then comes the cliched word "New year resolutions". People have become very smart these days, know that resolutions look best on the paper. It never works out. So the best thing is to leave things as it is and let it take its own course of action. Anyway this year, I am planning to be more regular on blogs and write regularly. Sometimes i get so pissed with events happening around me and i desperately look for a medium to vent out the anger and frustration. In such times, writing blog makes sense.
This year everyone is very skeptical as in what lies ahead in the coming years. The recession period continues with worst hit being US and Japan. India is trying to put up a brave front and let us atleast go along with the charade. It is always nice to have that "feel good factor" feeling. But the economy is reeling under the pressure. Everywhere there is this question, have we been affected or are there are worse things to come. When you see some news about people being laid off or production units getting closed, you wonder that recession has hit closer home.
In Mumbai, i do not get to see the effect of recession on streets or markets maybe you see it behind closed doors of offices. The malls are still thronged by people of all kinds, people are still on a spending spree even though on work front, everyone has suddenly got busier.

Well this year we have the Lok Sabha election. It would be absurd to think that we would be having a responsible government at the center. The politicians have suddenly become the favourite punching bags. Anyway we can have development in this country by the sheer brilliance of individuals. However we wish that the burueacracy could have become a catalyst in the development story. I strongly believe the recession would just pass through us and we would come out as more responsible and mature people. So the year ahead is really testing times. Let us hope that we do not have more of terror attacks to worry about. Let us all make our small efforts in moving this country forward towards a developed economy.

Hoping against hopes for a happy new year ahead.